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Hail to the King, Baby!

Thomas Schostok aka {ths} Exhibition

born in 1972, started his career as a salesman for bathroom tiles. In 1999 he founded and represented himself as ‘{ths}’, working in his own studio as a designer/artist for international and national clients. He never studies design because he always thought, to study design is to be brainwashed.

{ths} released monographs/books: “Hard Blow” (Rojo Editions, 2008) and “Mr. Trash” (self published), volume one of his art and design works during the last 10 years of his career. He also creates so called “Gluebooks”, unique hand-made “sketchbooks”.

His love for typography can always admired in his art and design work. In 2002 he cofounded with Stefan Claudius The Cape Arcona Type Foundry, a type foundry that produces and distributes digital typefaces.

{ths} is without anger or hate, because it’s fondness for Elvis Presley and Barry White records, that continuous playing during working, make him nice and merry.

{ths} defines is work as ‘trash urban warfare porn dirt style pop’.

{ths} Cape Arcona

Curator: Beata Bartecka