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Pneumatic Objects

Mariusz Waras aka M-city Exhibition

Mariusz Waras is the best-known Polish artist working in the city space, author of a few hundred murals created within the framework of the M-city project. His works may be seen in such urban agglomerations around the globe as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London, Prague, Paris, Budapest and Warsaw. This time, the individual exhibition presents the artist’s new concepts. He departs from the characteristic idea of covering the urban substance with stenciled elements on the walls, and he builds a site-specific, gigantic 3D pneumatic installation instead. Waras creates large, monochromatic inflatable objects, symbolizing ideas connected with the concepts of the factory (workplace), home, church – to be randomly rearranged in various configurations or structures. He builds his m-city in scale and in space. This harmonious and conceptually homogeneous project will be juxtaposed with the works by Thomas Schostok, presented as part of the exhibition entitled “Hail to the King, Baby!”.

M-city Waras

Curator: Joanna Stembalska