Out of Sth


First group of “Breakin’ the Wall” artists finished their murals in Wroclaw


Dem, Jiem, Erica il Cane i Vova Vorotniov are in the first group of artists invited to take part in the project “Breakin’ the Wall”. Because of the vulcanic ash cloud, that prevented the arrival of street artists from Argentina, Spain, and Great Britain before the OUT OF STH opening, the project was divided in two parts. The second part of murals, made by Escif, Zosen, SickBoy i Mudwig will be completed in May.

The film by Sławek ZBIOK Czajkowski shows the development of murals painted until the 23rd April:
Dem/Ericailcane/Jiem/Vova Vorotniov / Breaking the Wall/ Outofsth.org from Zbiok on Vimeo.